SwapWear FAQ
Q: Can I swap Creator Art Panels with different Creator Jackets?
A: Yes! As long as the panels correspond with the same jacket size. For example, a medium art panel will work with all medium Creator Jackets. Like clothing tags, the panels have a size label on the back.

Q: How secure is it?
A: Our SwapWear
™ technology is the first swappable jacket that has a secure & seamless look and feel, even when moving. We put durability and security to the test with professional athletes, avid skateboarders, and top breakers. (As in breakdancers, not people who break things.) 

Q: Is the jacket machine washable? 
A: Creator jackets are machine washable. Additionally, the jacket is pre-shrunk, so they will have little or no shrinkage.

Q: How long does it take to swap panels?
A: You can swap your panel in under 1 min!