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    Can art panels work with different jacket sizes?

    Each panel must correspond with your jacket size. For example, a medium Jacket will only work with a medium panel. Like clothing tags, the panels have a size label inside!

    Are there customs and duties?

    We ship from Toronto, so Canadian orders are customs/duty free. Orders under $800 to the US are customs/duty free.

    For all other countries, please check your tax de minimus rate.

    How do I join the Creator Artist Program?

    Joining the artist affiliate program is currently invite only and requires an application. The program is highly competitive and there are limited spots next round. 

    Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter / follow us on social media to stay in the loop for when the next public application round opens. 

    Can I customize my own panel?

    The customization feature is currently unavailable for further development. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when customization comes back!

    Do you sell extra blank panels?

    As of now, we do not have extra blanks for sale, but we are working on this for the next product drop. Luckily, every Creator Jacket includes 1 blank panel to start!

    My tracking hasn't updated, can you check my status?

    Please allow 24-72 business hours for tracking updates, before submitting an inquiry. Some packages do not get scanned until they reach the US border or destination province.

    Can the front pockets open?

    Yes, they can! The front pockets are basting stitched, a technique used to temporarily hold layers of fabric together. This is done to keep it's shape during transportation. Simply cut or gently pull the basting stitch off to start using those pockets.