Our Why

We believe self-expression will help us find our best selves. That’s why we invented SwapWear™, the tech that makes wearable art swappable. You can now express yourself again and again, – we’ve got your back.

Our Approach

We’re creatives, and we make things that give us endless possibilities while caring for the world around us. Our jackets are designed to adapt to the dynamics of self-expression. At Creator, wearable art is modular, sustainable, and supports community.

Our Statement Pieces

From our 13oz denim, to industrial grade hardware, Creator jackets are crafted to stand the test of time. Our 100% cotton molds to your body with wear for the perfect fit. Creator art panels are ink infused, so the art never cracks or peels. Every art panel saves 5 plastic bottles from the ocean and supports the artist behind it.

Based in Toronto, Canada 🍁