About Us

Creator Jacket Our Story Over 2 Years Of Innovation 2 Years Of Innovation. Did You Know? Jean jackets were made for miners. Later on, creatives adopted it as a wearable canvas for self expression. However, painted jackets cracked and peeled overtime. Worst of all, they were stuck with the same design. That’s Where We Come In. Jackets with swappable back art that support artists & made with sustainability in mind. PS. Our art never cracks or peels. Over 250 Pre-Orders. At First, There Were Two. It all started with us wanting to make cool jackets for ourselves. But after making them, we knew it was going to be game changing. So we launched the idea through crowdfunding to see if people wanted them.Turns out, people wanted them. 1 Year of production. Weather The Storm. 2021 was crazy in all the worst ways. From all the variants that just kept popping up, and even a flood in Canada’s biggest shipping port. What a time to start the first production run of Creator Jackets. But hey, we’re still alive and kicking. The wait is over. To new beginnings. The 1st batch of Creator Jackets have landed and we’re excited to get them into your hands. Join the journey. who's behind it? The least expected duo. Founded by a breaker and a beatboxer, the least expected set of founders that just clicked. They met performing at a gig, obsessed over an idea, and chased after it. Now we're here.